Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits


You must be a CIES member to join a SIG. You can join SIGs when you sign up for membership.
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Detailed Membership Instructions
To join a SIG, you must log into your CIES membership/CER subscription account through the University of Chicago Press (UCP) website. Once you are logged in, you will see different tabs on the right side of the page (labeled 1 in the graphic below). Navigate to the "Manage Subscriptions" tab. You will see a table that should show your subscription to the Comparative Education Review. Click the blue link (labeled 2 in the graphic below) that is located right next to the title that reads "Join SIG or Donate to CIES".


You will then be sent to a webpage with two sections: one for contributions and another for CIES SIG dues. Scroll down to the second section and click the corresponding SIGs you wish to join (labeled 3 in the graphic below). Afterwards, you will be asked for payment once you hit the submit button. As a reminder, each SIG you join costs $10 (e.g. 3 SIGs will cost $30).


For more in depth instructions or if you require assistance with the transaction, please contact UCP subscriptions directly at subscriptions@press.uchicago.edu or call (773) 702-7700. 

journal of comparative and international higher education

The Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education is the HESIG's official journal. HESIG supports development, analysis, and dissemination of theory-, policy-, and practice-related issues that influence higher education. Accordingly, JCIHE publishes work from the complementary fields of comparative, international, and development education addressing these issues.  HESIG members are encouraged to submit to JCIHE as well as get involved as peer reviewers and/or regional editors. For more information about the Journal, please visit its homepage at jcihe-hesig.org.

palgrave Macmillan Partnership

HESIG members are invited to submit manuscript proposals for publication through our partnership with Palgrave Macmillan. These volumes may be edited or monographed and contributed to by HESIG members and published as part of the International and Development Education Book Series. Please see the Manuscript Proposal Guidelines for more information on this opportunity.  

Student travel awards

The HESIG is proud to offer graduate student travel awards to expand the opportunity for more graduate students to be able to attend the CIES annual conference. This travel award is funded by the CIES HESIG. All graduate student members of the HESIG are invited to submit applications. Two $400 scholarships are awarded annually. Please see the Student Travel Awards page for more information, including application instructions.

HESIG ListServ

The listserv is sent bi-weekly to members. HESIG members can submit text-only announcments here. If your announcement includes a pdf attachment, please submit it directly to hailu.7@osu.edu. Announcements must meet the following requirements:

  • Focused on professional development for existing grad students or faculty.

  • No advertisements for classes or degree programs.

  • Must be explicitly related to comparative and international education

  • Text should be limited to 250 words or less

  • If including an attachment, it may be no more than one page in PDF format

  • PDF files alone will not be accepted, explanatory text must accompany attached file