Best Dissertation

Best Dissertation Winners


Meseret Hailu, University of Denver
Understanding Why Women Stay: Examining Persistence Factors of Women Majoring in Science and Technology Programs in Public Ethiopian Universities Using a Mixed Methods Design

Honorable Mention:

Sharon Stein, University of British Columbia
Contested imaginaries of global justice in the internalization of higher education




Yeukai Angela Mlambo, Michigan State University
Why Not Academia? - The Streamlined Career Choice Process of Black African Women Engineers: A Grounded Theory Study

Jonathan Z. Friedman, New York University
Global Distinction: Social Status, Organizational Change and the Internationalization of American and British Universities

honorable mention:

Lisette Montoto, University of Georgia
The Public Good, the Market, and Academic Capitalism: U.S. Cross-Border Higher Education in Panama



Michelle Ellen Szabo Suderman, University of British Columbia
Engagement for All? A Study of International Undergraduates at the University of British Columbia

Otgonjjargal Okhidoi, University of Pittsburgh                                 
Equity in Higher Education: Socioeconomic Status and its Effect on Access to Higher Education in Post-Socialist Mongolia


Lucia Brajkovic, University of Georgia                                             
Higher Education in Post-Transition Countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Rent-Seeking States and Academic Marginalism.



Cynthia Toms, Azusa Pacific University                                             
Global Development Through International Volunteerism and Service Learning: Who’s Saving Whom?



1st Place Recipient: Jack Lee, University of Toronto                               
Education Hubs in the Making: Policy Rationales and International Relations

2nd Place Recipient: Rebecca Schendel, University College London       
A Critical Missing Element: Critical Thinking at Rwanda’s Public Universities and the Implications for Higher Education Reform


Stephanie K. Kim, University of California, Los Angeles                         
An International College in South Korea as a Third Space between Korean and US Models of Higher Education



Lukas Graf, Freie Universität Berlin and Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung                                                                                     
The Hybridization of Vocational Training and Higher Education in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

honorable mentions:

Gerardo Blanco Ramírez, University of Massachusettes at Amherst
Quality by Association Across North-South Divides: United States Accreditation of Mexican Institutions of Higher Education

Eun Kyung Lee, University of Pittsburgh
Higher Education Expansion and Economic Growth in Japan and South Korea

Julian Weinrib, University of Toronto
South-South-North Research Partnerships: A Transformative Development Modality?



Maia Chankseliani, Oxford University
Mixed-Method Study of Higher Education Access in Georgia: Does Location Matter?

honorable mentions:

Yuhao Cen, Indiana University
Growth as Product and as Process: Student Learning Outcomes Attained through College Experiences in China

Mark Meehan, University of South Carolina
Islam, Modernity, and the Liminal Space Between: A Vertical Case Study of The Institute for Traditional Islamic Art and Architecture, Amman, Jordan



Enkhjargal Adiya, University of Pittsburgh
Gender Equity in Access to Higher Education in Mongolia

Jian Liu, University of Toronto
Expansion and Equality of Opportunity in Access to Chinese Higher Education: A Cultural Perspective



Cynthia K. Epperson, University of Missouri - St. Louis
An Analysis of the Community College Concept in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Jae-Eun Jon, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
The New Landscape of Korean Higher Education: Institutional and Personal Factors Influencing Intercultural Competence

Ran Zhang, Indiana University
Confrontation or Cooperation: Spaces of Action for Student Grievance in Chinese Universities



Christopher Collins, University of California, Los Angeles
Higher Education and Knowledge for Nation-State Development: The Role of the World Bank and U.S. Universities in Poverty Reduction in the Developing World

Sheila Hsu-Ling Huang, University of Washington
Professional Socialization of International Doctoral Students in Differing Disciplinary Contexts in the U.S.: A Mixed-Methods Study

Anne Katling Wong, University of Toronto
Anesthesia in Thailand and Canada: A Comparative Case Study of Two Residency Training Programs