Call for Manuscript Proposals

Manuscript Proposal Guidelines

During the initial Higher Education SIG Business Meeting in 2008 at Teachers College in New York, we launched a HESIG-sponsored book series on current topics in international higher education. These volumes may be edited or monographed and contributed to by HESIG members and published as part of Palgrave Macmillan’s International and Development Education Book Series. This web page provides a formal call for manuscript proposals for this HESIG-sponsored project.

Potential themes for HESIG-book proposals may include one or more of the following major topics: higher education management; community colleges; study abroad programs (including faculty and student exchange programs); strategy, culture, technology, and structure of higher education institutions (HEIs); higher education organizational development; social justice issues in higher education; higher education partnerships and consortia; distance education programs; quality assurance of HEIs (including accreditation); rankings of HEIs; curricula; faculty; students; financial aid; student services; evolving trends, organizational forms, and management practices in HEIs; the differential impact of cultural, social, economic, technological, political, and other higher education institutional forces on strategies, organizational forms, and management practices; and comparative higher education studies involving one or more countries.

Proposal Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines to submit a proposal for a HESIG-sponsored book.

Cover Letter

Identify yourself and your book in the cover letter and include your full name, mailing address, phone, fax, and e-mail address. Please include a curriculum vitae and list of publications, along with any other useful information.

Book Proposal

Please include the following elements in the proposal:

  • Proposed volume title;
  • One-sentence statement of the book;
  • Prospectus (aims and scope of the book), usually 1-2 pages;
  • Brief bios of each editor/author;
  • Table of Contents, which lists proposed chapter titles, author name(s), and brief abstracts;
  • Estimated total word count, not to exceed 95,000 words (ideal range is between 70,000-90,000 words);
  • Insert a statement that reads, “This proposal is not under consideration by any other publisher.”;
  • Insert a statement that reads: “No portions of the proposed manuscript have been previously published. All chapters are original and written expressly for this volume.”;
  • Figures and Tables: the total number of figures and tables in the volume cannot exceed 20;
  • Target readership/market;
  • Competing publications (list all similar books currently available);
  • Unique features this publication will have;
  • Sample chapters (ideal to have at least two or more sample chapters); and
  • Proposed Timeline for submission and completion of the volume.

Send all correspondence regarding HESIG-book proposals via email to:
Dr. W. James Jacob
Co-Editor, Palgrave Macmillan International and Development Education Book Series